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Play paradise for children

Since our farm is situated in a quiet, isolated location at the end of the access road, there is no traffic except for farm vehicles - a paradise for parents and children. The large playground and sunbathing lawn thus offers young and old enough space for relaxation and recreation, for fun and games and perhaps also for some adventures on the farm.

Parents can relax in a deck chair and enjoy the magnificent view, while the children can play and let off steam to their heart's content. The large playground with swing, sandbox, playhouse with slide, trampoline, lots of children's vehicles and toys offers variety and activity for children of all ages. The old bee hut has been converted into a playhouse and, in addition to providing a place for children and young people to retreat to, also offers a football table, a tennis table and a dart board.

The trampoline was buried at ground level. So even the smallest "trampoline jumpers" can't get hurt - no one falls off here!

The numerous children's vehicles in our "play paradise" are often used for a little race - tricycle, tractor, children's bicycles, scooters and scooters are available to the children for a little spin on the farm's own road.

The somewhat older children can take a trip into the nearby forest and discover all kinds of new and interesting things. Besides, the kids enjoy the healthy forest air here.

And also the leisure activities with animals are not neglected here at the children's farm Oberhasling - our many small animals are happy to receive attention and petting from our little guests.

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