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Our animals

Of course, you always meet animals on a farm - farm animals as well as "cuddly animals". Come with your children to us at the Oberhasling baby and children's farm and get to know our animals:

Our cows are dairy cows and have been moving freely in their own loose housing since 2019. The cows and calves stay on the farm all year round, the young animals spend the summer on the alpine pasture.

Our two Noriker horses are also on the alpine pasture in summer and enjoy the peace and quiet there. You are welcome to visit them during a hike.

The cats, which grow every year, are the children's favourites and are pampered and carried around by them. Some of the farm's own cats have already made their way to a new home with the guests and moved in with them without further ado - and everyone is happy.

Our "petting animals", the cats, rabbits, ducks, chickens and little calves are always to be found on the farm and are happy to receive food and attention!

"The greatest happiness on earth is on the back of a horse!" - a fitting proverb. For our little guests, this is the back of dwarf pony Max and pony mare Stella. Children can ride on them on the farm or - accompanied by their parents - in the forest. Just ask us.

We are especially happy about our Australian Shepherd lady Kira, who came to our farm in summer 2017 and is particularly happy about every stroke from young and old. She is especially fond of the company of children.

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