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Life on the organic farm

The organic farm Oberhasling belongs to the village of Breitenbergham and is situated at about 790 m above sea level. Most of the meadows are flat and the entire farm can be worked with machinery.

The old farmers Maria and Johann Stöckl took over the farm from childless relatives in 1966 and managed it until 2005. In the course of time, the old buildings were renovated or newly built. The "ancient" residential house was completely demolished and rebuilt in 1981. The barn was repeatedly rebuilt and extended.

Our organic farm consists of about 14 ha of grassland, about 3.5 ha of forest and 2 ha of leased land. The grassland is mown 2-3 times per summer and used as grass silage and hay.

Our farm has been run as an organic farm since the 1980s and is controlled accordingly. We have a total of about 35 head of cattle on the farm, with 10-12 dairy cows and 8-10 calves living on the farm all year round. The 10 young animals and the 2 Noriker horses spend the summer on the alpine pasture. Our dwarf ponies Max and Stella, the rabbits and guinea pigs, our cats and of course our farm dog Kira spend the whole year on the farm.

As environmental protection and sustainability are very important to us, we have been running our heating system for years with wood chips, which we obtain from wood from our own forests. Hot water is produced by means of a solar system.

Secure accommodation